just call me … d e s t i n y


again, the rain
the huge trees softly shrouded
music dripping, sloshing, trickling
mozzies incarnating for the bite of a lifetime
mold and mustiness and mushrooms:
the sublime suchness of the rainforest


If one has to have a name, why not ‘Destiny’?  All the billions of apparently individual persons existing in the phenomenal world are but one power, one Life-energy moving through Life-patterns determined by destiny.

Some call destiny ‘God’s Will,’ others refer to ‘Cosmic Law’.  Destiny is the simply the unfolding of circumstances according to genetics, structure, environment and experience, all powered by Life’s natural impulse to move, to grow, to unfold and expand.

Destiny is a picture too vast to be comprehended by this miniscule thought-bubble called me, yet it is none other than mySelf in motion.


6 thoughts on “just call me … d e s t i n y

  1. Or, if you prefer…

    It is the three moiras’ work, who are responsible for the destiny and life’s span of every human being, including the heroes; even the gods cannot interfere, for they are also under their power and control (spell). The moiras distribute the allotments of both good and bad to each one who comes to life, and are present at every child’s birth..

    (using the Google, some illustrations of these divine beings can be enjoyed – some may get shivers down the spine when s/he sees ‘the thread’ being cut).

    It is reassuring, though, to know that everything is in the hands of three beautiful goddesses or divine maidens. No?

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