making up with dear wee-me


what is, is always a somatic event, whether it be a mental or physical experience, whether it be of the ‘external’ world, or the ‘internal’ one

this body teaches me, guides me; it has its own way of regulating its miraculous system

when it’s happy it lets me know: it sleeps soundly, thinks clearly, stays centered in imperishable knowingness

I write “it lets me know” and instantly need to correct the illusion of two: it lets itself know, and a wee ‘me’ thought claims receipt

dear wee ‘me’ thought – you serve me well

now that you’ve revealed yourself as the ephemeral indispensable servant of the changeless Real, the Beloved, we are friends, we can make up, we can stop pretending this default dualism

at last


4 thoughts on “making up with dear wee-me

  1. The possibilities of language are such that, being dual by nature, it can express (not just refer to) non-duality.

    In this case, ‘me’, me, and the changeless Real are not three but one – three in one or one in three, like the three musqueteers (one for all and all for one). The changeless Real and me are one and the same, while ‘me’, being an expression of me (a ‘self-expression’), is also me, Myself; the accident cannot have a separate existence from ‘its’ essence or substance.

    The ‘problem’ lies not in trinities or triads, that point to unity, but in dualities (be they complementary polarities or pseudo-polarities, such as good and bad). All this is a truism, no?

    (‘Two’ is incomplete, unbalanced)

    1. Oh I love your contributions dear AM, truisms or not!
      I find the way phenomena so frequently gather themselves into trinities quite fascinating. “Three quarks, always three…”
      You’ve got a good point here. Move over non-duality and make way for … what would we call it … um … triunity?
      Smiles and love ~ ml

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