how can I believe in two, when I fail to find even one?


the dream and its awareing
appear to be two

but can one exist
without the other?

try as I might
I can’t extricate myself from
either, and I ask myself:

how can I believe in two
when I fail to find even one?


2 thoughts on “how can I believe in two, when I fail to find even one?

  1. No one is dreaming – no one is awaring

    I am not quite clear as to why the verbal noun ending in -ing is preferable to the form of the infinitive, which can also function as a verbal noun and “expresses existence or action without reference to person, number, or tense” (Webst). Is it because the former is more dynamic… continuous action, in the present or without time being involved?

    What is the diff. beteen awareness, aware and awaringness, awaring? Is the first sort of fixed, static and the second fluid? I think I have a sense of the diff. but am still somewhat puzzled. I have not come across this latter usage In (mostly) classical advaita writings. Thank you ml (and greetings).

    1. I too was surprised that this unfamiliar word – awareing/awaring – turned up in the *echoes* … as an ex teacher of ESL (among other things) it took some getting used to.

      I think it happened because there’s such a tendency to objectify awareness – as you indicate, to make it “fixed, static” and thereby remove oneself from Its totality.

      Awareing/awareingness implies a movement – one that it’s impossible to escape, even when we sleep. Like many turns of phrase used when attempting to indicate that which can’t be known, these are grammatically incorrect words, yet they seem to be more accurate. Words are wondrous, but at the same time so limiting …

      Dreaming, awareing, being – one fluid flow “ing-ing” …

      Thank you for your comment and your greetings dear AM
      Love ~ ml

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