life boils down to a cup of tea


By the wondrous old age of 90 both my parents have seen enough of life to know that it unfolds according to its own agenda.  Having been through a zillion shatterings and upliftings, they quietly confess that nothing much turned out the way they thought it would or wished it might.  They like to say that everything in Life happens of its own accord.

To say “of its own accord” is another way of saying “by Grace” – and we can’t understand either the cosmic laws that orchestrate “happenings” or the dynamic of “Grace.”  But we can have fun with concepts, while keeping the difference between concept and Reality in view.

My concept of Grace:  active, dynamic, non-local information/intelligence.  Primal Power.

My concept of Life:  unborn, unmoving, immeasurable Primal Potential.

Without Grace, Life remains impotent.

Visual concept:  Life’s omniscient and omnipresent Potential sit at the two corners of a triangle’s baseline, and Grace – omnipotence – forms the apex, transforming the connecting lines into form and unleashing creative energy.

When I show this bunch of concepts to the aged wise ones, they simply smile and make a cup of tea.


5 thoughts on “life boils down to a cup of tea

  1. Both were 96 when they had their last cup of tea, and both passed away in love with the utter unpredictability of life’s unfolding. Daughter dances to their tune … less clumsily as the years pass …
    ~ ml

  2. I could see this in my grandmother as well, as she entered her 90’s; not a resignation to life, just a knowing that all is as it is – so just live it. I’ll put the tea kettle on, and we’ll invite Grace for some tea and Love 🙂 C

    1. How blessed we are to have had family elders with their deep wisdom, dear Christine.

      I’ll have milk and no sugar, thanks!

      Grace & Love ~ ml

    1. Thanks for your appreciative comment, @marsuk11 – and very best wishes for your new blog!
      ~ miriam louisa

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