heaven is right here!


full-moon lunacy in the heavens
lightning bolts being tossed like javelins
thunder rolling from there to there then
cracking, smacking, crunching the air
and the earth trembling
and then – release:
rain, in huge drops, splattering, bouncing rain
hour upon luscious hour

heaven is right here!

how can one describe wetness on skin
quenched thirst on tongue
damp earth-fragrance in nostrils?
it’s impossible

likewise, heaven defies description

and yet
it is here, it is here!


2 thoughts on “heaven is right here!

  1. ………………
    If form is itself seeing, how can one see a form?
    Likewise objects of the other senses are also mere sense perceptions.

    Because hearing is itself sound, no one hears a sound. This truth applies generally to all sense-objects.

    If therefore a searching enquiry is made to know what it is that is really perceived, it will be found that it is The Absolute Reality itself.

    If it is the Absolute Reality that is perceived, how can the illusion of a world exist thereafter?

    Sri Krishna Menon (Atmananda) – Atma-Nirvriti
    (Freedom and Felicity in the Self)

    1. The perceiver and the perceived are but one dance of p-e-r-c-e-i-v-i-n-g. And this is Absolute, for there is nowhere further for mind to go …

      The world continues to exist, but the illusion has been penetrated.

      Emaho dear AM!
      ~ ml

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