the chooser is a cartoon character


Apparently the Buddha said

The Great Way is not difficult, only avoid choosing.

The difficulty isn’t in the choosing or the not-choosing.
It’s in the notion that a separate *chooser* entity exists.

But choices arise spontaneously and choices are made spontaneously.

Assuming the existence of one-who- chooses,
when such an entity cannot be found,
creates the pits and potholes on the Way.

Believe in a self that can choose,
or a self that cannot choose,
and you’ll find the Way impossibly fraught.

The only way I found to “avoid choosing” was to track down the chooser.  At some point on this hunt, I found that the chooser is a clever cartoon character dreamed up by a team of  very creative fellow cartoon characters – the merry members of the local Think Tank.  When they were seen for what they are, they shuffled back into the cartoon.

The naked light of Awareness that KNEW all this merriment turned out to be incapable of ever making a choice, yet it never fails to get everything exactly right!


2 thoughts on “the chooser is a cartoon character

  1. Cartoon characters (all of “us”) are instrumental in having things done (the play) – isn’t that so?

    Each one having been pre-wound up, or pre-progammed (‘choice’ of parents, genetic make-up, environment, experiences and circumstances). The programming, or winding up, is going on constantly, out of anyone’s control or decision. It is autonomous.

    There is no controller. Only a Witness (and nominal producer, director, “performer”, etc.).

    1. Yes dear AM, all cartoon characters – what a laugh when it’s known thus!

      No controller – even though there’s a job description in the cartoon for one, and a dear wee thought has fun with the notion for a while. 🙂

      Try as I might, I can’t even find anything to call a “Witness” – everything collapses into the O N E vast awareingness.

      Play-fully ~ ml

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