choice is effortless – until you start thinking


Have you ever played the little game of observing – perhaps counting – the number of times in a day (or even an hour) that you express choice?  If yes, you’ll know how difficult it is to think or speak at all without exercising choice – comparison, aversion, preference…

(Do you want another cup of tea? – No thanks, I’m waterlogged.)

It’s a simple example.  No more tea is required, no problem.  A functional decision was made on a faster-than-light assessment of the body-state, right now.

But one step down, when thoughts about rightness or wrongness, about should and ought, about what the other’s reaction to the reply might be… arise, along come the apparent problems.

Immersed in now-this-here, in the inescapable presence of suchness, choiceless awareness is problem-free.


4 thoughts on “choice is effortless – until you start thinking

  1. Yes, it is a sort of ‘difficult ease’, and it is so when the ‘choice’ is impersonal (same as “choiceless awareness”); the key being looking at the matter at hand globally and impassively, with everyone’s interest in mind… but even this may be a little complicated, as when calling forth ‘objectivity’, because of the involvement of thought. You put it more simple: effortless spontaneity (an unasked sense of rightness being at the root)… hard to explain without so many words.

    Intuition, or awareness does/do not need words or thinking.

    1. “Intuition, or awareness does/do not need words or thinking.” – So simple, yes! I think of the Zen adage: ‘When hungry eat, when tired, rest.’ Easier when one lives alone, or in the company of those who are similarly committed to spontaneity …

      ml is unwell. Resting is happening.


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