syncopated silence


The ants let us know rain is coming with their manic hyperactivity – swarming, flying, viciously biting any feet that stumble into their path. Suddenly it arrives, making its music on the metal roof – but what am I really hearing?

the unscripted beat

of syncopated silence –





7 thoughts on “syncopated silence

  1. “the unscripted beat of syncopated silence” – I *love* this! Will have to keep that quote handy. And that video – just smiles and grins and a dancing heart. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration this morning! Love, C

    1. Oh delight – thank you dearest Christine. But I am mystified – “quote”? … “video”? What am I missing out on?
      In love and mystery
      ~ ml

      1. Well, when I clicked on your post yesterday morning from blogger there was a music video posted! I *know* there was! 🙂 I watched it! Oh my – you must think me bonkers! I wondered where the video went when I came back on this morning! Now that *is* a mystery! The Universe playing games with my head LOL Or maybe it was a parallel universe that I suddenly slipped into! Or maybe another dream channel that broke in. LOL I thought it was strange that you would post a video here… As for the “quote” – I am referring to your phrase – “the unscripted beat of syncopated silence” that I will keep on my refrigerator. You know, the quote from “she who scribbles” 🙂 I think I got at least one of them right! This *is* very weird…

        I am mystified now as well… Good for a laugh though 🙂

    1. Either/or/and.
      Dear AM doesn’t it all depend on where one is listening from?
      For she-who-scribbles emptiness/silence was forefront. Therefore it was silence that was syncopated, not the rain’s music. But you know this, you teaser!
      ~ ml

  2. Right! you guessed me out (if it can be said so in English). But it is more than a teaser, or a koan. Silence – drip – silence – drip… (should I say ‘drop’?). There is that alternation… both “music” to one’s ears… now ‘this’, now ‘that’; not even a question of which of the two predominates; either being a possible awakener, of a different quality. Primordial silence – primordial sound (OM) Which? Without sound/vibration, no action, no life, no intelligibility; without silence, no maternal womb of wondrous premonitions, no interval, no rest. (In music, it is said that the silent intervals are as important as the musical notes).

    Sound = logos (chit) intelligibility, action, thought (intelligence)
    Silence = bed-rock o beingness (sat), rest, no-thought (wisdom)

    The first is masuline and dynamic (yang) – “primordial sound/vibration”
    The second is feminine and static (yin) – “primordial waters”

    But that is so prior to manifestation; after manifestation, the roles are inverted… any sense? I cannot explain further, but I could perhaps elaborate, or elucubrate…

  3. Apologies to readers who assumed the music video included below this post was published by ml.

    I never saw it, as my browser is set to *not* display advertising banners.

    It was inserted by WordPress. Comes with the free blog territory, and actually happens seldom. Usually the insertions are in link form to posts with similar tags. I’ve never had a video inserted before.

    ~ ml

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