incomparably perfect love


clamorous sea-speak this morning

for one who grew up amongst the coastal cliffs
the tussock-crowned dunes
the tidal pools
the crashing surf and wild symphonic joy
of the ocean inexplicably called Pacific

“there’s bound to be a salt-wave forever lapping in the heart”


she-who-scribbles loves water;
inescapable conditioning of the cells


and ‘I’?

well, ‘I’ has no preferences

and that means It embraces everything:

incomparably perfect Love!


2 thoughts on “incomparably perfect love

  1. Wonderfull!!

    from one who loves mountains

    (Montaña y mar: dos paisajes diferentes;
    si uno callado y tranquilo,
    la otra inquieta y rugiente…
    ………… )

    Curiously, in Sp. mountain is feminine and sea and ocean masculine. In my poem that is inverted: ‘He’ is contemplative, ‘she’… well, she is shakti, restless energy… creatoress! She does everything. (and is also ‘Maya’)

    1. Thank you dear AM – languages with gender attributes for nouns open up a depth of meaning that’s absent in English. Lucky you!

      I wish I could read your poem, but alas I am virtually illiterate in Spanish.

      ~ ml

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