grace supports sunyata-addicts


Moving-out day today.  With the carrier coming at 8am and the body exhausted, it hardly seemed possible that I’d wake early enough to sit.  (No, I don’t use techno-aids to awaken.)

How interesting then, to be woken up on the dot of 5am by the merry tinsel-town tune of the door-chimes!

Particularly interesting, since they are still disconnected and this time there are no electrical storms around.

That ‘fickle finger of fate’, a-k-a Grace, has been over-riding mere physicality again.  It seems to support sunyata-addicts.  It’ll do anything, anything, to wake one up from the big dream.  Hmmm, that feels pretty nice, if a touch scary.


5 thoughts on “grace supports sunyata-addicts

    1. How good to see you here again dear Shira – thank YOU for your generous comment. I hope you are well!
      ~ ml

  1. OH!!! OMG…..I have one of those chimes…AND it’s beginning to sound a bit, beautifully scary. Not only Thaaaaaat…but the reverberation goes on forevvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ♥

    1. Just like the reverberating warmth that radiates from your wondrous comments dear Leslie!

      “beautifully scary” – yes, how amazing – it’s Iike wearing a sweet serene smile while your hair’s standing on end eh?

      ~ ml

      1. “….it’s Iike wearing a sweet serene smile while your hair’s standing on end eh?” !! Yes…kind of like a donkey standing on ice…you know..THAT grin. 🙂 xoxo

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