the best way forward is sometimes to stop


It was on the eve of a new year that she-who-scribbles sat in the throne room at the rainforest monastery and asked any deities who might be lurking and listening to reveal the way ahead.

What happened?  Nothing.  Empty spacious silence roared through the room.  An hour or so later the gong sounded for lunch.



En route back to her room, her right knee – the location of an old injury – exploded into a fury of crippling pain that would take six months to heal and would eventually need surgery.

Quite literally, she was knee-capped by the universe: 2002 was the year of the big bang!

Hobbled and humbled, it wasn’t long before what had happened in the knee played itself out in the brain.

Gratitude to all those deities, the non-local ones, who couldn’t help but be lurking and listening, and who couldn’t help but help.

Lesson:  The best way forward is sometimes to stop.  If one can’t or won’t, no problem.  Grace will step in and sort it.


image source: Chenrezig Monastery, Eudlo, Queensland

2 thoughts on “the best way forward is sometimes to stop

  1. Big Grins here with this one dear ml 🙂 “…asking the deities who might be listening to reveal the way.” Oh yes! I’ve been calling out as well, and only the echo returns (and not the echoes from emptiness kind either). Hellllloooooooo – no response. (Unless of course it was Big Moth at my door.) Then gobsmacked, stopping me in my tracks… And so I have been “Graced” you might say… Grace does what She does… I am grateful for the “stopping times.” And your lighthearted post that lifted this heart this morning… Love as always… C

    1. Lovely to find your comment here Christine – thanks for emerging from “refuge” …

      Gratitude is something Grace seems particularly fond of – but it often takes a while for one to reach such a beautiful acceptance.

      Holding you in the heart of emptiness dear one
      ~ ml

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