an astonishing oversight


everything one is aware of
– every one of those “ten thousand things” –
gets one’s attention

everything except Awareness ITself

isn’t that incredible?


What if all those ups and downs in The Grace Game (aka Snakes and Ladders) were the play of Awareness awareing ITself?  What if they were immaculately and uniquely designed moves solely intended to wake the wee-me from its dream of being an independent player?  What if there was no competition involved and the finishing point was actually the beginning of a new Game, one where the player now realizes that there’s only One Player and that the board, the dice (aka ‘chance’), the player and all those experiences – the good the bad and the ugly – are IT?


2 thoughts on “an astonishing oversight

  1. The realization that there has never been a competition between anyone and any “other” one, or even between “myself”, a ‘creature’, and God (Fortune, destiny, or whatever) is really extraordinary. Least of all, a contest or competition between “myself” and my-own-Self. To think of the completely unnecessary struggle…

    1. So so true dear AM. It makes one want to weep and shriek with laughter at the same time!

      But oh, the release. The Joy.

      The love.
      ~ ml

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