go for the guts of IT


What can be said about the overpopulation of the planet?  What can be said about starvation, about terrorism, about climate change?  What can be said about the spread of diseases like AIDS?

Whatever is said or imagined by thought will be the product of conceptualization – the same source that produced the problems, the questions, and that endlessly spins the solutions.  But genuine change cannot be wrought by thought’s projections, for it only knows the known, and the known is the past.  Revolution is never creative; it may be innovative, but that’s not the same as creative.  Innovation is generated by thought re-arranging what it already knows.  Is it possible for thought to find a new question?  Or can new questions only arise from That which is beyond thought?

What thought knows cannot be the Truth for Truth is changeless and unknowable.

Go for the guts of IT: find the changeless, unknowable Truth and then see what happens to the rest.

Watch in amazement as Life rises to meet ITself – with wisdom and compassion and your name on ITs ID card.


4 thoughts on “go for the guts of IT

  1. Well stated and not to forget that you cannot change a problem or situation with the same mind that created the problem.
    Therefore in order to implicate a revolution, the mind and how it sees things is what must change for it to be effective. Otherwise there is no revolution but simply a side shuffle

    1. Yes dear AM revolutions are hungry beasts.

      Whoever says [it] is “not possible” hasn’t begun to look inside their own system of belief for That which lies beyond belief. Conclusions are lethal to inquiry.

      Gratitude for your comment!
      ~ ml

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