rapture is not an experience


The weird thing about rapture is that it can’t be called an experience; it’s the absence of an experiencer.  It can’t be recalled, although in retrospect there’s a sense that Awareness has been simply awareing Itself.  It has to be the ultimate relaxation.  Perhaps it’s the natural state of Being-ness.

Joseph Campbell spoke about finding the still point within where commitment falls away.  But I think it’s impossible to find the still point.  I found that when the seeker of the still point gives up the search

IT finds you

The still point is like a magnet: IT draws you to ITself.  And once that magnetic beam has you in its pull, all that you thought you were disappears.  Like into a wormhole.  Like into another version of the universe.


4 thoughts on “rapture is not an experience

  1. Very well observed. This is the classic example, given by advaitists, of swooning, deep sleep or being under anesthesia: there is an aparent lapse of consciousness (awareness), and yet it must needs still be present. It is only individual “consciousness” which disappears.

    (Should we not put also ‘individual’ between double-colons?)

    (if so, everything happens in awareness: awareness awaring itself)

    (it is/would be like a game – hide and seek)

    1. “(if so, everything happens in awareness: awareness awaring itself)”


      “(it is/would be like a game – hide and seek)”

      Exactly! There’s an echo coming up that mentions “Snakes and Ladders” – do you know that game?

      Gratitude and grins
      ~ ml

      1. Coming up? If so I will read it. No, I don’t know that game; it has no Spanish flavour at all (unless in translation from some Eastern tale, or the Grimms brothers).

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