choice happens


There’s much ado about ‘conscious choice’ – how we must apply it to our lives to achieve everything from prosperity to enlightenment – how it’s needed to change world events – how it will assist in earth’s transformation or salvation.  A huge and profitable industry constellates around this fairytale assumption.

The assumption of a chooser entity with powers of volition is largely non-negotiable. But if you’ve done your homework – dug deeply into research on ‘personal’ volition (Benjamin Libet et al) – sat silently on cushion (thought-tracking) – embraced ‘n’ (now-this-here) with every belief-free breath, then you’ll know the wonder of it:

Choice happens.
And measurable ticktocks of time later
responsibility is claimed by a subsequent thought
called dear wee me.


7 thoughts on “choice happens

  1. Since this echo was scribbled there has been a great deal more research done re the question of ‘free will.’ A google or youtube search yields interesting info.

    There are a couple of video links in the comments accompanying this post about mathematician Marcus du Sautoy and his quest to find out whether cutting edge neuroscience can help him find his sense of ‘I.’

    The SBS link on that post is no longer live on their site, but there’s a synopsis here:


  2. Interesting. Why would that be? Because, perhaps, the mind is wandering out there in the world of ideas, exploring and weighing the various possible outcomes. The final preference is actually settled upon ‘out there’, at the locus of the problem. Then that preference has to be drawn down into 3D, embodied then amplified and committed to within the heart of ‘me’ so that action can be pursued.

    1. Thanks for your interesting comment Russil. The processes involved in perceiving-thinking do seem to be mechanical and therefore time-affected. Perhaps the Awareingness that’s fundamental and knows no inside-outside or time is just getting on with its wondrous work and thought cobbles it all together and claims ownership. It’s all very interesting, as you say…
      Miraculous actually.
      ~ ml

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