whatever … so be it


My rented flat has been sold.  I’m packing up; where I’m off to remains a mystery.

It has always been thus in this scribbler’s Lifedream.  The veils hiding the way ahead only vaporize once all present business has been tidied up and folded away and the old doors are closed.

This used to infuriate me – why wasn’t my life laid out in the apparently ordered and predictable manner demonstrated by … other, ‘together’ people?

Blind Men on a Log bridge
Hakuin Ekaku
The Gitter Collection

I feel like one of Hakuin’s blind men.  But this time round, I’m strangely relaxed, loose even.  How could one possibly outguess the unknowable movement of Creation-aka-Life-aka-Totality?

If a dip in the river is called for, so be it.


4 thoughts on “whatever … so be it

  1. I believe a dip in the river is always called for. Otherwise, how would you ever really know if the water was to your liking? =]

    Sorry, that made me smile. Just a little…

  2. You were not concerned whether or not you would fall into the river, or whether the water was cold or not. Under the circumstances, you were called by an unknown source, and the call was answered.That was vision, and it required courage… and uncommon wisdom. The wisdom of self-denial.

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