I is Beingness, aware of Itself


The butcherbirds are busy in the garden this morning.  Mum and Dad are showing Junior the delights of the birdbath, and pointing out promising places to peck for breakfast.  Their continuous conversation is so complex, so beautifully melodic.  It’s delightful.  I am enchanted.

I is hearing.  I is singing.

I is enchantment, delight.

I is Beingness, aware of Itself.


2 thoughts on “I is Beingness, aware of Itself

  1. “I is/as Beingness” (sat) – prakriti: substance-energy-movement FEMALE (Shakti)

    “I is/as”aware of Itself” (chit) – purusha: essence-witness-stillness MALE (Shiva)

    Their union – (ananda): JOY/LOVE/LIFE/FULFILLMENT – in Manifestaton

    NOT-TWO (I AM beyond both of them, changeless, eternal) – Unmanifested

    (aparent separation in phenomenal life, so there can be a show, a play, or a dance – it is not only Shiva who dances)

    1. Thank you dear AM – a wise comment, as ever.

      “Manifestation” – is the name of the Echoes’ new theme! Were you onto it?

      Dancing on – loving IT
      ~ ml

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