who needs a ‘me’?


The news that one exists only as a concept in consciousness is unacceptable for most folk.

Struggling so seriously, so arduously, to create a self (a whole self, a creative self, a healed self, a true self, a higher self), most refuse to contemplate the credentials of the crafty creator of the struggle.

This struggle is familiar to me; it used to be the story of my life.  But one day the layer of stories holding together the self I took to be ‘me’ was subjected to a blow-torch – the choiceless, value-free Light of inquiry.  Like tired old wallpaper it dried up, peeled back and fell off.

‘I’ is all that’s left and every-thing every-one every-where is this ‘I.’

I = Awareingness, intimate and inescapable

I = Consciousness, in which all concepts find their context

In this unknowable ‘I’-ness who needs a ‘me’?

‘I’ tells me who:

L  I  F  E

That’s Who!


4 thoughts on “who needs a ‘me’?

  1. And what a crafty, creative play this Life is! I, Myself camouflaged to Myself, under the guise of innumerable “I”‘s, all vying with each other for attention. How many turns and changes in and of characters, playing so many roles!

    A play or drama, a tragedy-within-a-comedy-within-a-drama… a wild dance… a beautifull, though painfull representation of love – the forlorn lover forever searching for her/his Beloved.

    1. What a wise and poetic comment dear AM – thank you!

      Yes – “a wild dance” – that’s the truth. We so badly want to know the script, the choreography, the end-game … yet it’s only in the utter not-knowing that we find our own unique steps.

      I am delighting in your unique expression, wild man dancing!

      ~ ml

  2. The blow torch took 16 months here…watched pieces of the self disappear… right at the end, stumbled upon a site from the people who do direct pointing – kind of assisted inquiry – read some dialogs and the “me” was toast. Never came back, either.

    What a wonderful post! Kind Regards, dn

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