how cool is that, Beloved?


Grasping the impossibility of a separate autonomous self with which one can ‘I’dentify opens the door to savage wisdom.

Awakening to the now-ness, this-ness and here-ness of consciousness playing the phenomenal self, to its marvelous imPERSONation within Life’s dream, is awakening to freedom.

At last one can speak authentically of self-love, for all versions of self are none other than IT knowing ITself.

How cool is that, Beloved?


2 thoughts on “how cool is that, Beloved?

  1. Beautiful ml… “…all versions of self are none other than IT *knowing* ITself.” Sweet Freedom… Your new look here is very distinctive. Has a different quality than the white on black, although, for me, the white on black was more reflective of “Emptiness.” Amazing how I projected that out there. 🙂 This is easier to read… 🙂 All the same, they are beautiful Echoes…
    In deep stillness…C

  2. Thanks for the feedback dear Christine. I’m loving this distraction-free theme more every day – I wasn’t looking to change … the design of the old theme was very satisfying … but this theme called and presto – it manifested! 🙂

    Your blog tells me your well-being is on the rise again. This is good news. Take care of dear You.

    Love, always
    ~ ml

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