the Reality within the illusion


Someone tells me, migraine-wracked me, “It’s all an illusion.”

In spite of vomiting and pain I have to agree, since there’s no suffering happening.  I have learned that to avoid, to move away from whatever suchness is presently presenting, is to suffer.

But in the contrary way of unbidden questions something asks, “If the experience of sickness can be said to be an illusion, what’s aware of the illusion; what knows it to be an illusion?”

The Awareingness that’s aware isn’t a thing.  And nothing can be found outside of this Awareing-Knowing, so, how could any experience be said to be an illusion or not-an-illusion?

“Don’t overlook the Reality within the illusion!”
said someone very wise

and this is the most powerful and comforting
one can offer


4 thoughts on “the Reality within the illusion

  1. You went white! I liked the aesthetic before, but I must admit it’s difficult for me to read white on black. Wanted to ask if you still get migraines. Meditation and mind work has certainly been the best medicine for me–if right view, then no sufferer there–but I sometimes still get walloped.

    1. I liked the other theme too – but “Manifest” appealed and before I could protest – it manifested! I agree about the difficulty of reading white on black – and with Chaotic Soul it was actually grey on black, which is worse.

      The migraines are really a thing of the past nowadays – perhaps that’s thanks to age. I’m post-meno now. My mother had the same pattern. Genes! When they do visit, they are kindy-versions of the old 3-day monsters, manageable with a gentle hug – and a painkiller if called for.

      It was thanks to a killer migraine that ‘something’ opened up to the “right view” here – I bow to the great Teacher called Pain.

      Speaking of teachers, it was at Brockwood Park that a dear colleague pointed out to me that my migraines (more frequent in those days) weren’t a problem. My problem, he said, was my relationship to my migraines. Whammo!

      Thanks for commenting dearest Katherine, and for your feedback and interest. You are cherished.
      ~ ml

  2. I really dug your term ‘awareingness’. No better pointer IMO than ‘awareing-knowing. Reminds me of Gilbert Schultz’ ‘seeing-knowing.

    I enjoy your posts. Keep manifesting That which is unspeakable!

    In One,


    1. Dear Hanuman Dass – many thanks for your visit and feedback.

      It makes me chuckle the way *the unspeakable* keeps inventing words to express ITself. I used to teach English in another life-stage, and would have been appalled!

      I enjoy your blog/site too, and wish you gracious ease with the writing of your book.


      ~ miriam louisa

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