the old dopey dreamer gets a hug


How delicious to at last relax, in sweet acceptance of the old dopey dreamer ‘me’ – warts, willfullness and all…

It’s the wrong word, as usual – acceptance – for this has nothing to do with any kind of action by a doer.


first there was awareness of mis-‘I’-dentification,
then there was oceanic ‘I’-dentification,
now there’s only now and this and here

and in the vast One-ness of just-so-ness,
plenty of room for dopes like me!



2 thoughts on “the old dopey dreamer gets a hug

  1. Superb! Just so, i received today the following from World Wisdom Inc.:

    “If a determined scholar wants to learn Tao, he may live in a city or hold office at the same time without any inconvenience. The work is easy and the medicine is not far away. If the secret is disclosed, it will be so simple that every one may get a good laugh.”

    – Chang Po-tuan

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