bad dog day


So, here I am this soft mellow morning with a persistent itch on the brain.  It tells me I should have been more … patient … understanding … tolerant … in the family encounter of yesterday.

It’s closely followed by another itch that tells me my behavior was … direct … honest … overdue.

Then something that doesn’t feel itchy in the slightest says “There’s the mirror old girl.  Take a look.”

“Bad bitch, good bitch – is LOOKING-KNOWINGNESS affected by these arguing itches?”

The itching bitching wags its tail.  What a good game!  Toss me another story to tear up!


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11 thoughts on “bad dog day

    1. Cracks me up too dearest Christine – and to think we took it all so seriously!
      ~ ml

  1. C’mon over Dearest ML I got so many juicy stories getting tossed here we could tear UP that ol’ Mirror… the we-she thinks…and thinks…and thinks. :O

    1. Wee-she! I like that. Tuck her away in the third-person department and let her shred stories to her heart’s content. Meanwhile YOU are blissfully unaffected, no?
      Love to you dear Leslie. Sure wish I could “c’mon over” …
      ~ ml

    1. Thank you trepid – I’m glad you find something here that resonates for you!
      ~ miriam louisa

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