two crones, cackling


Two Miriams, thirty years between their birthdays, are having a mother-daughter chat over morning coffee.

Miriam senior (90) tells daughter that, unable to sleep because of the rising tropical heat, she spent the night fiddling around with curtains and bedding trying to create better conditions for rest.

Then she adds, almost guiltily, “I know I should just ‘be’ with ‘what-is’ …”

Daughter asks, “But wasn’t the ‘what-is’ of the night the heat and the subsequent discomfort?  Wasn’t the ‘what-is’ of the night the impulse to find remedies for that discomfort?”

“So how can you say you weren’t wholly ‘being’ with the ‘what-is’ of the night?”

The mother’s face creases with laughter.  “I’m such a clot.  I still sometimes forget.”

“Clotting is Beingness too!  Forgetting is Beingness too.  What can we find that’s not Beingness Being?”

Two Miriams, thirty years between their birthdays, crack up with crone-cackle over morning coffee.


7 thoughts on “two crones, cackling

  1. Yes, she has “done a flit” (her whimsical way of referring to death) and the daughter still feels the strangeness of her goneness. Softer now. She is present wherever joy and laughter bubble up and this is such a blessing.
    ~ ml

  2. So love-ing!

    “Wasn’t the what-is…the impulse to find remedies” for what is 🙂 Yes! Thank you for that beautiful wisdom…

    May much joy and laughter bubble up for you!

    Lovebeams… C

    1. Oh – yes AM, that was a bit of British idiom!

      *Brit. Informal – blockhead, dolt, clod.*

      Big grin
      ~ ml

  3. OH!!! You are such a Priceless Gem Dearest ML!!! ♥
    “Wasn’t the ‘what is’…” — Thank God…Thank God that God would find it impossible, utterly impossible, to leave anything out.

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