it’s windy today


it’s windy today


– dancing bougainvillea blossoms caressing brick wall
– sweeping rainbows from spinning crystal
– shifting shadows through lattice trellis
– flapping bamboo blind air-sailing
– frangipani fragrance kissing face

– tossing eucalypt branches against pearl
one loosed leaf spirals to the earth

does it intuit that letting-go is love?
that love is grace
and grace is

I pick up the loosed leaf, knowing that
in my palm rests the only teaching
I will ever need


it’s windy today


3 thoughts on “it’s windy today

  1. Thank You Dearest ML…
    -Dancing bows floating across the ocean’s deep.
    -Shifting hearts from love to Love
    …prayer circle for Wind with the dear One(s) above…

  2. For C and L – my thanks and smiles – we are One circle, mad women dancing, wind in our hair!

    _/|\_ and _/|\_

    and love, always
    ~ ml

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