an unarguable eureka


Dashing about with young ones,
quietly caring for older ones,
making name and fame and fortune …

Ceaselessly and choicelessly
we dance our dream
down the pathless byways of Life.

Seldom do we stop and notice
that all our steps
are danced on one spot.

We imagine a ‘me’
and along with it comes time –
the warp and weft of past and future.

Then comes the shock of seeing
that no me, no past, no future
can possibly exist outside of


and an unarguable eureka
You are the Presence
in which all existence appears
blooms, and dissolves…
reshuffles the understanding
of a lifetime
and blows the heart wide open.


5 thoughts on “an unarguable eureka

  1. “… the understanding of a lifetime”

    ‘The Spirit bloweth… ‘

    Aristotle wrote that the meaning of a life (an individual’s life) is only known or understood once it has come to its end (full circle). There may be a meaning here, but only on the ‘lower plane’ of manifestation or existence – the contingent plane, where everything is… contingent, passing, unpredictable, and insubstancial, as a buffalo’s breath, or its shadow as it runs along the prairie – in the words of an Indian chief. New-vedantists refer to that plane as that of “stories”; and this is what it/they are. But It cannot be what is meant by ‘seeing life whole’.

    1. Perhaps ‘seeing life whole’ refers to the seeing of the stories (life experiences) as none other than what they are – a rich tapestry of imaginings, fabrications – which understanding unfolds an entirely different relationship with/as Life’s Wholeness … ?
      (Rhetorical question 😉 dear AM)
      ~ ml

    1. Thank you dear Katherine – I appreciate the depth and clarity of your writing too.
      And thanks for revealing the Google+ universe to me 🙂 I’m still learning how to drive the spaceship!
      ~ ml

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