grace is my undoing


More musings on Grace:  The ‘something’ that happens to return me to now, to Life, is usually something I want least.  I mean, who would welcome pain and immobility?  Who would sign up for surrender of career, colleagues and culture?

We love to welcome Grace in its function as provider of pleasant surprises and serendipities.  But Grace can also bring unpleasant surprises.


Grace is function and fire.
Grace is Life’s creative dynamism.
Grace is Life on the return loop of Its journey.

Grace is what undoes ‘me.’


Sitting later today.  The sun is hotter, the shadows shorter; traffic noise is louder, but drowned out by a raucous conversation being held outside my window.

Four flying rainbows called lorikeets are in a dispute with one huge kookaburra:  What a drama!  What a racket!  You’d think a flock of fifty birds was out there, but no, only five.  First class Australian citizens . . . (only joking!)


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2 thoughts on “grace is my undoing

  1. When the ‘doer’ thinks he has a grip on reality, when he is more or less satisfied with his small world, or, on the contrary, fights that same world in so many ways, then Grace seems to be blocked, indiferent towards him, although it is always available in principle. That is the opposite of vulnerability, of innocence, which is openness. Suffering too leads us to that openness.

    Grace is like the Spirit (it is nothing else), which bloweth where it willeth (listeth). am (from my blog)

    1. Yes – Grace is only ‘apparently’ blocked. Grace is always working, it’s just that we associate it with its ‘positive’ workings. The fierce aspects of Grace we call “bad luck” – until the view from a wider perspective opens up.

      Perhaps Grace is all about the opening-up to the vaster View, the Divine View. Papaji once said “Everything is Grace!”

      Thank you for leaving your comment dear AM – I hope readers will visit your wise blog. I see the link above doesn’t work so will paste it here:

      ~ ml

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