fierce grace visits


What I notice when amnesia sneaks in and I begin again to claim doer-ship and control over tomorrow, doggedly pushing on, blindly following the ruts of conditioning and posing as supreme controller, is this:

Something happens to bring me back,
and, probably because I’m a gritty goer,
it happens to my body.

(Arm gets rms: can’t scribble or type,
back goes out: can’t stand at easel,
knee explodes: can’t move.)

Something makes me stop, sit, shut-up
and free-fall yet again
into the what-is of this life I call mine.

That ‘something’ is what I know as Grace.
It’s usually fierce.  Definitely not fluffy.

I’ve learned to love it as my most treasured Beloved,
for it returns me to ITself.


4 thoughts on “fierce grace visits

  1. With You in this One Heart ~ thank you for reminding us all ~ Yes, Grace…..fierce Grace ~ Melting into the realization of One Heart.

    blessings, ease ~

    1. Beautiful comment dearest Shira – thank you, and ease-full blessings to you.
      Love always
      ~ ml

  2. I can SO relate to what you are saying Sista…beautifully written and gratefully received here.

    1. Thank you @emptinessdancing! I’m delighted to hear from you. Your blog is quite wonderful.
      ~ miriam louisa

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