self-shining radiance weaves its world


This sweetly sun-drenched morn, not yet invaded by clamor of traffic and neighbors, is an artwork of breathtaking beauty.

Shadows, patterns, textures, tones and movement mingle – all woven together on the loom of color.

Color is light.

Look carefully at the world:
do you see anything but color?

Nothing but color.
Nothing but light.

Look again:
What is looking? What sees?

Nothing but looking.
Nothing but seeing.
Nothing but awareing.

Self-shining radiance is the weaver,
working at the loom of color vibration,
creating a world in which to see



4 thoughts on “self-shining radiance weaves its world

  1. Beautiful!

    ‘Self-shining radiance… ‘———– Glorious self-shining, chest-expanding and heart-warming realization – of what IS and cannot but BE

    Is life not vibrating in unison with heart and mind?…
    Is there anything other than Light?

    (the Koran has it: nurun ‘ala nurin “light upon light…”)

  2. Beautiful indeed! “Self-shining radiance” vibrating its Life into existence – not a mere apparition are we – but the beauteous Aliveness of the Light beyond light…!

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