vast eyes and the view


vast eyes are eyes wideawake
embodying the view
of pregnant emptiness

perception’s toolbox creates
the time and space in which
the world of ‘I’ can arise

vast eyes marry the ‘I’ of ‘me’
with the ‘I’ of everything
and so the view unfolds:

I – I


2 thoughts on “vast eyes and the view

  1. Yes, there are three stages (apparent time is invoved):

    Pure Consciousness or awareness – the pristine state
    ‘Individuation’ – self and no-self – the fallen state
    Merging of individual ‘I’ with the divine ‘I’ – awakening, end of separation and recovery of the Garden of Paradise (unitary vision)

    1. … dancing in The Garden … just caught a glimpse of You … love Your footwork Señor AM!
      ~ ml

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