the still point of the turning world


“…the still point of the turning world…” *

What lucid and luscious imagery this collection of small words evokes!

The “still point” is what I refer to as the unknowable dimension called ‘n’ by mathematicians, scientists and the [odd] mystic!

wild wideawakeness – to the n (nth)
is the still point of the turning world

And “the turning world…”?  The world of appearances put together by mental technologies:  perception, languaging; the world of me and mine, others and theirs; the world of time and space, in which it can all tickety-tock along.


After the kingfisher’s wing
Has answered light to light, and is silent, the light is still
At the still point of the turning world.
~ The Four Quartets, Quartet 1 ‘Burnt Norton’ by T. S. Elliot

4 thoughts on “the still point of the turning world

  1. “the still point” (now this here) = Pure Consciousness (a ‘verbal’ candidate)

    There is one Reality. As Krishnaswamy put it, “Experience shows that Pure Consciousness ever attends every unfolding of a state [waking, dreaming and sleeping], endowing it with reality lasting as long as the state lasts, and withdraws it into itself when the state changes”. Thus, according to him (and I follow him in this), “the turning world” would be constituted by the three states, thus only adding dreaming and deep sleep to what you wrote above (‘the world of appearances… ‘). Deep sleep, though a ‘state’, is nearest to ‘the still point’.

    1. Perhaps. “Wild wideawakeness” is probably the term I’d use for “Pure Consciousness.” Or “unknowable Knowingness.”
      It is both the experience and the experiencing of “the turning world” – I can’t separate any of this into “states” in experience. There’s simply a seamless Knowing of now-ing and this-ing and here-ing – then the pen scribbles something down, which appears to “change” the “state”, but actually there’s no change – everything is still “now and this and here.” The still point is still utterly still.
      Thanks for your comment dear AM. Oh, and for the two quotes you included in an earlier comment – great stuff.
      ~ ml

  2. Good! Please, allow me to confirm that what you write above is identical (apart from the words used) to the understanding of the author I quoted, Krishnaswamy. For him all the three states are essentially one… “ever one and identical”.
    Elsewhere he writes: “We may imagine [Consciousness] as an unlimited and illimitable ocean of Life, with surging waves of waking and dreaming in endless succesions… the ocean itself, the eternal basis, knows of neither change nor motion, neither increase nor diminution.”
    Perhaps we can say that K’s style or mode is expository, while yours is experiencial, it derives direcrly, spontaneously from experience.

    Thank you, y un abrazo, am.

    1. The quote from Krishnaswamy about “the eternal basis” resonates perfectly…
      Thank *You* for your comment , dear AM, y un abrazo fuerte!
      ~ ml

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