the flowering of the senses


butt on cushion
body is one vast eye

the eye of I

body is a thousand-armed antennae

the hearing of I

body is perfume-breathing breath

the nectar-nose of I

body is an ocean of tentacles

the feeling, touching and tasting of I


I sees, hears, smells, feels this new day

without a trace of any yesterdays.


I is this new day.


4 thoughts on “the flowering of the senses

  1. Oooo – love this – “eye of I” – sensing with every breath, every pulse, through every pore – like radar – sensing the impulse of Life everywhere… Beautiful! Lovebeams – C

  2. – Christine – yes! *Being* the impulse of Life everywhere …

    – AM – Tara is the one who haunts my dreams. But oh, Kali – the fierce feminine – yes!

    – Leslie – you are sensuousness and affection embodied …

    You each gladden this heart with your unique perspectives. Thank you!

    Love always
    ~ ml

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