suchness is my hermitage


milky morning sky breathes the promise of rain
but can’t be trusted

earth, trees, lizards, frogs, toads, billabongs and crusty creeks –
we all wait, thirsting

. . .


. . .

today, a broken tooth to take to the dentist

. . .

I’m in awe of the wild intelligence
of this beatland called body;
it’s always pointing the way, (yet
so often ignored and denied) 
always waiting in the same placeless place for
my scallywag mind to return

. . .

 this intimate suchness is my hermitage
my inescapable refuge
my hallowed wee hut 

. . .


Suchness:  a fundamental, intrinsic, or characteristic quality or condition  (
In my usage: the in-my-face as-it-is-ness of life.

Photograph by Tan Sim Louis Chong, incomparable photographer of skies.


4 thoughts on “suchness is my hermitage

  1. Sharanam – Russil – Leslie – thank you for your comments – this wee heart is gladdened.
    Love, always
    ~ ml

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