robotic rock-head stubbornness


As soon as the sweaty arms of daylight reach over the horizon, the hard-nosed kookaburra begins to attack a neighbor’s window.

It knows that food magically appeared from behind that glass in the past – perhaps in its genetic past, for certainly not since I’ve been living nearby.  He’s driven by his unconscious conditioning.

No food comes.

The only thing forthcoming is the unit owner’s abuse.  Yet the big grinning bird bashes on, head like a rock.

I feel for him.  I know that robotic rock-head stubbornness only too well.


Image source:  Wild Witch Graphics

7 thoughts on “robotic rock-head stubbornness

  1. Some of us just don’t know when to “give up” – or is that “wake up” – to stop and see The View through that window 🙂 Looks like his beak is made of metal… Big Grins with this one too…

    1. Dear C – I’ve seen a kookaburra behead a magpie with that beak. It’s powerful all right!

      They look so cute, these big birds, because of that strange grin. And how they cackle – it’s the only word for it. But they aren’t at all funny if you’re in between them and a piece of meat. Hazardous at bbqs!

      Big grin back …

    1. It’s a big club, The Headbangers. 6 billion members and counting … !
      Thank you for commenting dear Laura 🙂
      ~ ml

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