just-so, just-this, nothing special


The only difference between the wideawake actors in this marvelous movie and those who cling to their ‘roles’ (making them very effective, skilled performers, of course,) is this:  Wideawake actors have grokked the impossibility of any particular person acting – or awakening.  Un-awakened actors haven’t, yet.

Does it matter?

To whom could it matter?

The movie mirage goes on in any event: just-so, just-this, nothing special.


2 thoughts on “just-so, just-this, nothing special

    1. Yes, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. I like it too. It has a nice nondual feel.
      “In Heinlein’s view, grokking is the intermingling of intelligence that necessarily affects both the observer and the observed.”
      “To grok something is both to comprehend (relate intellectually) and to apprehend (relate emotionally and spiritually) its quiddity, its essence, its being.” (Wikipedia)

      I also love that word “quiddity”. Yum!

      Thanks for leaving a comment Russil.
      ~ ml

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