can’t help IT!


Reading yesterday’s opening phrase prompted a silly song … with apologies to Marlene.


…can’t help it…


falling asleep again
never wanted to
what am I to do
can’t help it

thoughts flutter round me
like moths around a flame
whispering my name
can’t help it

past comes to haunt me
future’s finger cues
yearning stirs the passions
can’t help it

thoughts go their own way
never give a toss
think that they’re the boss
can’t help it

falling asleep again
never wanted to
no-thing here to do
can’t help IT!


Image: Marlene Dietrich by Edward Steichen
Copyright © 2000 George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

5 thoughts on “can’t help IT!

    1. No worries dearest L – it’s a 2003 time-capsule, remember!

      I’m loving revisiting these notes. Who was that woman?

      And who is this one?

      ~ ml

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