something silent watches



An uncontrollable nervous repetitive twitch in the eye area is called a ‘tic’.

Living one’s miraculous livingness in tic-toc mode is similarly repetitive and twitchy – knee-jerk responses dominate the day.  There’s an absolute abdication to conditioning. The gears and pulleys of thinking merrily toil on; the default ‘doer’ dreams its version of the dream and claims all credit for itself, while blame, natch, belongs elsewhere.

For some this way of being-a-life works fine – in their opinion it’s non-negotiable.  No worries.  Yet.

For others it’s dysfunctional and causes inexplicable discontent:  “Is this all there is?”

In every sentient soul something silent watches, and when ripeness is ripe IT pulls the lynch-pin right out of the works.  Nothing whatsoever changes to the Changeless.  But tic-toc mode is history.

No more habitude!  No more sleepwalking through the miracle of one’s life!


4 thoughts on “something silent watches

  1. “inexplicable discontent…” Aware of and waiting for the sleep-walking to end – for the lynch-pin to be pulled… I trust this will happen on ITs own… Lovely post… C

    1. A sleepwalking someone could not take the exquisite photos you post on your blog, nor write your inspiring words, dear C.
      We wait, we search only because it’s so difficult to accept that THIS IS IT.
      The lynch-pin has a name: Time.
      Love loving 🙂
      ~ ml

    1. Don’t take my word for it dear Leslie, nor any one else’s. It’s your question to solve, you and only you. If these words resonate for you, you are already ripening. Grace has you by the hair – or heart – maybe both! Rest and be ripened …
      Love always ♥
      ~ ml

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