my feet are clumsy


The absence of striving brings the arrival of quietude.

It’s nothing ecstatic or amazing; just the palpable absence of dis-ease.

No goodness, no evil, no victim and no saint.
No protection, no danger, no salvation.
Nothing to be done and no one to do it.
No past, no future, no one going anywhere.

Sounds like the end of ‘your’ world?

It is.

But Life dances on.

My feet are clumsy; I’m still getting used to ITs wild rhythm.


9 thoughts on “my feet are clumsy

  1. An exhilarating dance that – ‘… IT’s wild rhythm’… unpredictable, glorious, full of energy… and still, quiet at the same time. Dancing in one spot, in no spot, in no time, unseen and unheard.

    Shiva’s dance.

    1. YES to you, too, dear Christine – you are such a beautiful heart on those meandering, dancing feet!
      ~ ml

  2. I feel this one! Not striving, for a change and seeing what kind of clarity that non path opens up. No striving (how unAmerican!)

    1. Good to have your comment Russil, thanks!
      Your site reveals a wonderfully creative approach to, and expression of, Life – bravo!
      Bowing …
      ~ miriam louisa

      1. I like your poetry too, Miriam. Feel free to browse the site more and if it’s at all your cup of tea and you care to do a review, we can arrange something 🙂

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