everything is inescapably IT


“Thy will be done.”

I’ve been thinking about this little cluster of words lately.  Taken in the Biblical sense it no longer makes much sense, for “Thy” presumes the presence of a God-power (modeled on human attributes, naturally) who has designs on the life of the supplicant.  Like all other godly notions, “Thy” is just a projection of mental fantasy.  And “… will be done” presumes the existence of a temporal future.  But all dimensions of time – including space, are also projections.  That’s what intellect tells me.  But then there’s the problem of Grace.

Maybe the magical movement I conceptualize as Grace is what the ancient Biblical scribes called God.  Maybe the God notion was anthropomorphized over time and set in stone as an object that wielded Grace.

When the echoes murmur about “giving Grace space” perhaps the essence is not so different from the surrender implied in “Thy will be done.”  But if I say “Thy will be done” I don’t refer to an object of any kind. Neither ‘Thy’ nor ‘will’ are objects but dynamics.  Perhaps we could say “Will is happening” but this still implies the existence of some kind of pre-planned divine choreography.  Which is all very well, but pretty pointless because there’s no way the immensity of IT would ever be accessible to our small minds.

It’s all good grist for the mind-mill.  Breathing in and breathing out, the mill grinds to a halt.  Aaahhhhh…

IT graces the spacious silence.  Everything sensed, conceived, imagined, is inescapably IT.

“IT, happening!”  sums up the existence story pretty nicely for me these days.


2 thoughts on “everything is inescapably IT

  1. ~ thank you for this ~ language is indeed of the mind, which inherently splits things into this’s and thats ;-)) a “You” and a “me”.

    Enjoying this exploration and admire your ability to use words to invite the awareness beyond all words or thoughts.

    The mystic Joel Goldsmith (infinite way) puts it like this “Is is”.

    Or simply “I” in his words as well.

    Gratefully here ~

    1. Thank you for your comment and feedback dear Shira – I am interested in what you said about Joel Goldsmith. My mother loved his writing and often mentioned him.

      “Is is” – that’s succinct! Reminds me of Ramana’s “I-I”. I shall hunt down a copy of The Infinite Way – thanks again for sharing.

      Love, from I-sness to I-sness!

      ~ miriam louisa

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