how can the Unborn be extinguished?


Sentient beings seem to share an inability to contemplate the likelihood of their death, let alone its inevitability – even on their deathbed.  Most people put this down to fear of the unknown.

Might it be different if they had, by great good fortune, discovered that what they essentially are can never die, for It was never born?

And might those who end this life-experience be the ones whose forgetting of this Knowing is less dense?

My mother bows her head in deep respect when a suicide is reported to her.  She expresses no regret or bewilderment.  She always senses the bigger picture, yet her heart overflows with compassion.  Her untutored wisdom awes me.


One thought on “how can the Unborn be extinguished?

  1. Although she departed two years ago, I still marvel at the lessons so lovingly given by the remarkable wideawake woman – Miriam – I knew as Mum.
    ~ ml

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