when the doer loses grip, Grace gets space


Grace is amoral

It belongs to no one – not even the awakened –
and cannot be bestowed by anyone.

Mother’s Grace, Guru’s Grace, God’s Grace, are all terms assuming the existence of duality, separation:
me-and-Mother, me-and-Guru, me-and-God, and so on, with me endlessly supplicating for ‘my’ supposed needs.

Have you noticed how Grace seems to simply show up right when you’re at the lowest ebb, when you’ve pretty much given up, when you don’t know where to turn?

When the doer loses grip
Grace gets space.


4 thoughts on “when the doer loses grip, Grace gets space

  1. When the ‘doer’ thinks he has a grip on reality, when he is more or less satisfied with his small world, or, on the contrary,fights that same world in so many ways, then Grace seems to be blocked, indiferent towards him, although it is always available in principle. That is the opposite of vulnerability, of innocence, which is openness. Suffering leads us to that openness.

    Grace is like the Spirit (it is no other thing), which bloweth where it willeth (listeth).

    1. Wonderful wisdom in your comment dear AM. Grace “bloweth where it willeth”, but seems particularly drawn to the open innocent heart and the mind that has let go of its delusion of control.
      In appreciation
      ~ ml

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