awareness, to the ‘n’


wherever one goes,
all places are ‘here’

whatever one perceives,
all phenomena are ‘this’

whenever one’s alive,
all time is ‘now’

this is my acronym-based version
of the mathematician’s ‘n’ degree (nth)
– the now-ing, this-ing, and here-ing

awared by the ‘I’ thing
or rather, no-thing,
that’s their source
and substance


2 thoughts on “awareness, to the ‘n’

  1. Interestingly I awoke this morning “know”-ing that everything was OM… Everything is IT because IT always is… Just IT, which seems to be what you have said here as well… Just ‘This’… Just Here…Just Now… ~~~ Just OM ~~~ Loving…. C

    1. What a lovely way to wake up! Yes dear Christine, IT is everything and IT is never elsewhere. I know what you mean about OM – no wonder it is held so sacred in Sanskrit.

      OMniscient, OMnipresent, OMnipotent . . .

      ~ ml

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