this unlit Light


another word for ‘God-Life-I’ is Light

but again, this can be a confusing concept
because it’s so easy to think of light
as an external object

know that the Light that the scriptures
claim God to be
and that the mystics praise
is no object that can be seen
with the eye
(although knowingness of IT
definitely lights up the world
with a translucence that is noticeable)

this Light that cannot be seen
yet in which all is seen
is the unlit Light of awareness


once, in the grip of agonizing pain,
I shrieked to the Silent One,
“Finish me off! I can no longer bear it!”

and a light
soft as mother’s milk
entered through the crown of the head
and flowed through the migraine-manacled brain;
it couldn’t be seen
yet it was known

the agony vaporized
and these words were heard:

“. . . and this Light does know all other light as its shadow”


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