awakening doesn’t alter any t h i n g


One of the multitudes of myths that constellate around the mega-myth of ‘enlightenment’ is that when it occurs all one’s conditioning miraculously disappears.

But so-called awakening doesn’t alter any thing; it doesn’t apply to objects.

Its effects are specific to the manner in which objects – including conditioning, the programmed, determined body-brain – are experienced.

Even a mini-whiff of awakening radically transforms the relationship between perceiver and perceived:  the observed is no longer experienced as separate from the observer.

And it’s clearly seen that it never was, never could be; one just hadn’t looked correctly.  One wasn’t properly awake – hence the term awakening.

It is truly a light-bulb moment.


3 thoughts on “awakening doesn’t alter any t h i n g

      1. mind says: “solipsism” but that is half an answer. It implies there is nothing to know. Perception indeed. Seeing the knots of ‘should be’ and replacing it with ‘it is like it is’. The seeing is there, the untying … the ‘I’dentity … does not move at all.
        All feels like working with grass on concrete. Smile 🙂

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