you’re IT!


Without sentience to create space and time, nothing can become or unfold,
and the only thing we can know for sure
– if we’ve looked very closely –
is that we are sentience,

The concept of evolving consciousness is a money-spinning myth.
However, the tools consciousness uses to manifest appearance –
perception, cognition – can evolve
according to Life’s grand designs.

Consciousness needs nothing, for IT is all;
experience is the game IT plays
for no reason whatsoever.

Remember those games we played as kids
where you’d be told: “You’re IT!”?

In the big game of Life
you never stop being IT.


2 thoughts on “you’re IT!

  1. Yes, the game of Life, the dance of Shiva, “el teatro del mundo” – or Maya (to make the issue more complex) – is a riddle as seen from down below, “the play of forms”. Those who know say that it is beginningless and also that no meaning can be attached to it. Thus, we rest content, since, from the standpoint of consciousness (which we are) there is no Maya… and/but, if somehow or other there is one (a make-belief), it is all the same, or even better, for, is it not a game that we play with “ourselves”, “we” that have “become many”?

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