there is no eye that can see ‘I’


‘I’ embodies everything that can be perceived and thereby known and experienced
‘I’ is the transparent diamond aware-ing of perception’s play
which includes the appearance of an objective perceiver with its objective perceptions

‘me’ is one of perception’s objects, just as are ‘you’ and ‘them’

but ‘I’ is not any-thing objectively
– there is no eye that can see ‘I’ –
and can never be known

‘me’ spends its life looking for ‘I’
calling IT God, Spirit, Reality, Beloved –
(108 names, I’m told)
until the savage wisdom of the ages
arises, re-organizing the brain:

ne’er the twain can meet

for ‘I’ is all-there-is


5 thoughts on “there is no eye that can see ‘I’

    1. Disclaimer: This you must find out for yourself – any answer from here, or anywhere else, will be useless or worse – just another distraction. That said:

      Distraction: If Awareness has been seen to be all there actually IS, it would seem to be illogical to speak of IT knowing/aware-ing ITself. It would have to become other than ITself to know ITself, no? Awareness is always shining, diamond-clear; only if this remains conceptual can such a question can arise. However, if One is present as Awareness, One knows Oneself as all that is perceived, known, experienced, in the timeless present. The moment thinking arises, this naked presence is sacrificed and the movement of mind as questioning, imagining, day dreaming etc flows forth. Awareness remains unaffected. IT doesn’t give a toss whether One’s ‘present’ or awol in thoughtland.

      Thank you, dear AM, for reading and commenting on these little echoes. It’s greatly appreciated.

      ~ ml

  1. Your reply is fully satisfying… Being pure Knowing, One (the only One) knows Itelf as knowing, not as an object. There is nothing else. Thank you indeed. A.M.

    (I think you also said that the sun, its nature being light , does not have to shine on itself. This, then, as you are saying, is a non-issue, a conceptual muddle)

  2. In other words, knowingness, being knowingness, knows itsel also, necessarily. Consciousness, being consciousness, is conscious of itself, necessarily. No need to postulate, or to add that knowingness/consciousness turns on itself as a sort of reflexion.

    The examples of the sun and the eye are not equivalent to the above, they are metaphors. Would you agree?.

    1. Agreed. Metaphors are (often useful) conceptual pointers; they create a scenario the brain can visualize, but still, they are distractions from the actuality being pointed towards. Perhaps we might forgive them that – for what would the poet have to say, deprived of metaphor?

      The nature of Knowingness is knowing; the nature of Awareness is aware-ing. This is our true nature.
      ~ ml

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