luxuriously abiding as what-is


this morning the warming winter world is whitewashed with mist
the earth is now cool – for the tropics – but the lengthening day-span,
always sun-drenched,
is heating up the atmosphere –
when warm meets cool, the mix brings mist

likewise; when the cool crisp intellect meets the warm embracing intuition of the heart
a fog of confusion is inevitable

luxuriously abiding as what-is
this naked clear knowingness knows no such confusion


4 thoughts on “luxuriously abiding as what-is

    1. Thank you dear AM-ness, if I loved Latin enough I guess I’d get to understand it too!

      The wondrous thing is that “this naked clear knowingness” understands nothing. Nada.

      Love and chuckles
      ~ ml

    1. If that’s your experience you are very blessed dear AB … for most of us it’s more akin to fission!
      Funnily enough a piece about the fragile ecology of heart and mind wrote itself down yesterday – I posted it over at ‘this unlit light’ blog.
      Happy weekending

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