prajnaparamita: formless and timeless and inescapable


The apperception that existence is Life’s dream doesn’t occur simply because someone
drops the concept in your brain.
Their words might be pointers for contemplation, but that’s as far as they can reach.

is the completed assembly
of a jigsaw puzzle in local-mind

each piece of the puzzle represents a life question
which has been experientially resolved

the penultimate piece?
no separate entity here, there or anywhere!

and the ultimate piece?

only unknowable knowingness:
formless and timeless
and inescapable


2 thoughts on “prajnaparamita: formless and timeless and inescapable

    1. There’s such incredible solidity in this knowing that there’s no escape, no possible separation … I love that you know this too, dear Leslie!
      ~ ml

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