life embraces ITself and knows ITself as Beloved


The divine logic of undivided Wholeness flowers and ripens in its own way, in its own time.  IT cannot be taught or bestowed.  There are no maps, no paths, no secret initiations or alchemical formulae that can reveal ITs reality – they serve only to divert One away from the breath-taking simplicity of what is being sought.

Perhaps this explains my lifelong discomfort with all forms of proselytizing and mission-work.  It has always been intuited that when ripeness is ready, Grace presents all that is needed for the flowering of understanding and clarity.


Life ‘lives’ this life
as IT lives all Life
according to ITs own
incomprehensible agenda.

And once One ‘sees’ that Life ITself
is One’s true identity,
One knows the true identity
of all the apparent ‘others.’

This is the end of separation –
Life embraces ITself
and knows ITself as Beloved.



4 thoughts on “life embraces ITself and knows ITself as Beloved

    1. A deep bow of appreciation to you dearest Leslie, thank you for being such a faithful companion 🙂
      ~ ml

  1. Wow – how timely for me that you just happened to post this one today! 😉 The words are like smooth honey, soothing the raw edges of this Heart with “understanding and clarity” as Life unfolds ItSelf.

    Much Love and gratitude as always – Christine

    1. Dearest Christine I’m in awe of what Life is unfolding for you and your family at present, and it’s so beautiful to know that a little echo has been timely. Honey is a great healer!
      Love and appreciation to you, braveheart.
      ~ ml

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