to awaken is to stop


to live is to move:
Life surges, pulses, flows, pushes, wanders, creeps
(just observe nature!)


to be is to be determined:
being is Life in movement
dancing the dance of destiny
through the corridors of conditioning
(just observe yourself!)


to awaken is to stop:
to stay still
to shut up
to stay silent
long enough
to let Life dance a new dance amongst the neurons



2 thoughts on “to awaken is to stop

  1. I definitely need Life to dance a new dance amongst my neurons! I keep hanging out at the “Pool of Awareness” but I still keep getting zapped… Something must be wrong with my wiring. LOL and Lots of Love 🙂

    1. Is “getting zapped” separate from the wholeness of experience? Welcome IT all dear friend. Nothing whatsoever is wrong. Ever.

      Beloved wears many strange and scary disguises eh?
      ~ she-who-knows-nothing 🙂

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