hope is the enemy of peace


Morning Report:

pain, sinus, head-cold, cough, temperature, toothache, knee-collapse
body demands attention and is receiving it

there is no desire for any of this to be other-than-it-is:
just now, like this, right here.

and this is the peace that was hungered for, sought
in every hopeful thought


it’s a big say, but it can’t be denied:
hope is the enemy of peace

for hope-full thoughts abandon actuality
projecting an idea-l scenario and
sabotaging the movement of an
incomprehensible Intelligence
which knows without knowing
and acts beyond right or wrong


2 thoughts on “hope is the enemy of peace

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment dearest Leslie – actually I am well. Perhaps I need to remind you (and any other readers who might have forgotten) that the ‘echoes’ were penned seven years ago as I felt my way around the ‘mindshift’ that had recently happened.

      In love and appreciation 🙂
      ~ ml

      PS The background to the ‘echoes’ is outlined in the two pages: about and the free-fall

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